You’ve got to laugh

You’ve got to laugh


I went in for a small operation at Leeds General to have the bone in my fourth toe removed because it was loose and trying to work its way out.

I also had a small spot on the side of my stump that won’t stop bleeding / oozing so I asked them to look at that whilst I was there. The theory was it was one of my deep stitches trying to work its way out and the surgeon was just going to cortisone it.

Well the local anaesthetic injections hurt and it felt so weird having them pull and chip away at my bone without feeling any pain.

Then they had a look at my side, they had an X-ray of my thigh on the light box next to me and I noticed little white blobs and a big white blob next to my bone and asked what they were.

The surgeon said they were road debris and assured me that when they removed and tidied up my leg after my accident great care was taken to remove all those bits including the big one to stop infection.

So he injected my side and then began to cut in, then after a while he said ‘well it’s not a stitch but there is definitely something there’…..then he pulls out a large stone!

He said straight away ‘I am so sorry, I am medically embarrassed I was so sure we looked all over your leg before putting on the skin graft I don’t know how we could have missed this’!’

I was just so glad to have it out of me, and that explained why the spot wouldn’t stop oozing because the rock under it was trying to slowly come to the surface!

So I’m now at home with stitches in my side and my toe and told to rest and not weight bare, so no practising on my leg for a while.

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