Upgrade Complete EXTERMINATE!

Upgrade Complete EXTERMINATE!


Hi all,

Please subscribe to my vlog: ‘Gothic Flamingo Girl’ for updates on my ossio implant. I will do a quick summary here, but there’s more detail in my vlog.

Ok, so when we last spoke I was all nervous about going to Germany. I went and met with Dr Aschoff and his team and I had the first operation in August, cutting 5cm off the end of my stumpy and bashing a metal rod all the way up into the full length of my femur bone. I was of course unconscious throughout this bit. 🙂

It was painful the next few days. I found it hard to sleep and I was sick on the pain killers, but thankfully not screaming like the exorcist. Also, I got a private room so no dementia patients throwing their German knickers at me. They then stitched up the end and I went home again for a few weeks to let everything settle down.

I went back again on 20th September to have the stitches taken out and a small metal rod and black plastic connector put on the bottom (outside). This was not painful at all and still isn’t, it’s a bit like having a giant ear piercing.

Personally I think it looks bloody awful, like I’ve impaled myself with a chair leg but it gets rid of those liners and socket so there has to be a compromise. I’m getting a friend to make me a stumpy cover in leather and lace so hopefully it won’t look too bad when I wear shorts and skirts.

I now have to wait three weeks before I go back again on 20th October and I have been told to take my crutches with me. This time they will put a long connector on so that the knees are aligned and then put my leg on, which they have over there.

They said I will be able to stand but that’s it for a good few months, as the bone is still fusing with the metal implant. It won’t slide out but there is a risk of it twisting if I get my foot caught or fall.

It can take up to 12 months for the bone to grow over the implant and become secure. But even then I have to take it easy.

Below is the link to the latest vlog from my second operation. If you have any questions please ask. x


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