Two years on

Two years on


I can’t believe it’s been two years, in a way it’s gone fast and slow. Fast because it only seems like last year I had my accident, and slow because I’m impatient and still sorting out my original prosthetic leg.

I’ve spent today at Seacroft getting my leg tweaked and sorted out, it took 2 hrs then another 2 hrs waiting for transport to take me home. I’m so tired now. But on the good side I’ve been kept occupied and not had to think on things.

I think the fit is more comfortable now, it’s still tender around where my recent operation scars
are but that will fade.

I also got weighed today as well, I’m 10 Stone! well 58kg but still, hopefully I should lose the weight now I’ve got my leg back and can start to be more mobile again, and independent!!! No more being pushed in my pram!

My goal is that in 5 years time I will be walking confidently with a good prosthetic leg. That’s the general time I’ve got from meeting other people. I know I have had operations which has knocked me back but if all goes well and there are no more stones in my stumpy I should be back to new normal in 2017!.

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