The Unhappy Darlek

The Unhappy Darlek


Posted by: Suzi Unsworth

Hi all,

Last Saturday I had another operation, I stopped counting at 15. Also I’m not going to say this is the last one either as it seems to jinx it and I have another one.
So this time I had the saggy skin around the top of my thigh sucked and tucked.
So it went from looking like an ice cream to an avocado. 🙂

This is purely for aesthetic reasons and as the normal skin at the top back of my thigh was no longer attached to anything, I could not tone it to make it firm or burn the fat in it. So I asked my plastic surgeon at LGI to tidy it up.
I also had a sore spot investigated on the end of the stump near the Darlek. I thought it was another neuroma, or a bit of stone as it often sent shooting spasms down my leg like it was pressing on a bunch of nerves.
But after cutting into it, it was just a big lump of scar tissue pressing on nerves, so he cut that away taking care not to effect the now sealed hole by my ossio (Darlek).

I have pins and needles pain but no other, which is good if annoying. But I know from past experience that it’s just my nerves sorting themselves out. Like 50 people trying to get comfortable in a double bed.
Below is a picture after changing my dressings a week on. That’s one hell of a shiner but it doesn’t hurt to press on it and is already fading. Thanks to my wolverine genes!

Also the cut they made around the base and top are not bleeding either and I think within another week should be well on their way to stitches dropping out.
This is my super power.

So I’m back in the pram, but for the first time I can just clip my leg back on and I know I can stand up with out pain. I won’t do this (mum) as I don’t want to risk splitting my stitches.
I still hate being in the chair though, especially as it’s coming nice outside and I have so many projects to do.
Hey ho, time to watch more Netflix and play on my P.C and feel my ass grow. It’s a hard life.







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