The electric leg

The electric leg


Hi all

I have had my electric leg now for a month and as I previously said I didn’t like it. It felt stiff and I felt like I was waiting for it to swing through when I walked.

But I liked the suspension on it. It makes it more comfortable to walk, kind of spongy like you are walking on foam. But I found I still had the old problem of my socket slowly turning when I walked. But as you know I have found a solution to this and quickly stuck on my Velcro.

I was disappointed as I thought with this leg I would be able to go up stairs foot over foot, like a normal person. But what they don’t tell you in the adverts is you have to scrape your leg back like a charging bull. This tells the leg you want to take a step, either over something or up something. You then quickly bring it in front of you so your foot is on the step. The problem I have is because I’m short (5ft) I then can’t step up as the knee gives way because it thinks I am sitting. I am ok on short steps, just not in house steps. But I will not be using this technique outdoors either because I don’t want to kick anyone in the face coming up the stairs behind me. Stupid design flaw.

The only benefits of this leg so far are that I can stand on a slope without my knee slowly bending, so I can distribute my weight evenly now. Also I can go down slopes but this needs more practice and nerves of steel.
Apparently you can also run with this leg if you attach a blade.

The only other downside as it is electric it has to be charged like a mobile. It has a 5 day life but to check the battery you have to turn it upside down. Another stupid design flaw. Why not just show 5 lights on the side, rather than me having to do a handstand if I’m camping out!

But this is teaching me to walk upright and correct and as such the scar tissue at the bottom of me stumpy has come loose grabbed a few nerves and now when I walk its kind of a crunch, pain, crunch, pain. So went back to plastic surgeon and I’m back on the slab in November so will be back in my pram over Christmas, again!
Then (everything crossed) this should be my last operation!

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