Suzie’s Angels

Suzie’s Angels



I finally got to meet Alison and Natasha today, the two ladies who stopped and helped me.

All I remember of them was Alison’s big bushy hair, but both of their faces were a blur.

It was so nice to see them and to show them that I was okay. They gave me some beautiful lilies, and we sat and talked through what happened that day.

I hadn’t realised how other people would be affected by my accident because I am dealing with it so well.

As I have said I remember everything clearly, and I think because of this I don’t have flash backs or nightmares.

But Alison told me when she saw me it was like something out of a horror film, and to this day if she sees a cyclist she is nearly causing accidents trying to stay away from them and always looks at their ankles.

Natasha was also amazed at how no one else stopped. They noticed one man a few cars back that got out of his car and looked like he was going to help but just watched.

Whilst they were explaining how my accident was still affecting them my mum said that she still gets anxiety going down Manchester road, because the first time she went down it she saw the police tape still in place and markings on the road where I would have landed, and of course this upset her. This was the first time I had heard this story and when I asked why she hadn’t told me this before she said she didn’t want to worry me.

I don’t know if I have been selfish thinking if I’m dealing with it, everyone else should be okay because I’m the one who had the accident. But now I know they are acting normally to a horrific situation. I guess I’m strange in that case, that I can just put this behind me so quickly and look to the future.

Anyway my angels stopped for me that day and even though they saw blood and horror, one held my hand whilst the other called for help and I will be forever grateful. I hope seeing how well I am getting on eases their anxiety.

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