Suzie in Wonderland Part 2

Suzie in Wonderland Part 2


My parents came to see me every day, all the way from Huddersfield on the bus/train. My work had done a collection and raised over £300 pounds!!

Also the weekend before my accident I had just done an abseil for the Lord Mayors Appeal and that week I received a letter and a bunch of flowers from her, I was well chuffed and showed them off.

I was also amazed by how many cards and well wishes I got, some from complete strangers. Cyclists who I had just passed on a morning, or evening and said hello to, had somehow found out my name and wished me well. I was overcome with a feeling of love, and this made me more determined than ever to get better.

In June I was supposed to do a climb with friends to Ben Nevis in Scotland. I had already done the 3 Yorkshire peaks for charity, and had climbed Snowden. But then I had my accident, I kept telling everyone no matter what this time next year I will be at the top of Ben Nevis. I was just so glad to be alive.

Because I missed my dogs, my parents bought me a toy dog to watch over me which I named Frank. I was also starting to eat real food again.

Then I had another operation on my leg, I was under anaesthetic for quite a while so my paranoia trip really went wild from the moment I woke up.

Apparently as I came around I accused the nurses and doctors present of being devil worshipers and Satanists. I was convinced they had put me in a van and taken my unconscious body out into some woods and done unspeakable things to me.

I had really bad stomach cramps and wanted to go to the toilet, and as they wheeled me in and left me alone I could hear them arranging another gathering, and talking about ‘how much fun they’d had with this one’ and ‘which one they were going to pick next’. It was at this point that I was so frightened I stood up to run and realised I didn’t have a left leg and no muscle in my right and fell to the floor.

The nurses came rushing in to help me, but all the way to the ward I was convinced I could hear them whispering, ‘do you think she remembers what happened, you will have to keep an eye on her.’

I even rang my mum, this was 9pm, and told her if she didn’t get over there straight away I was going to call the police. She of course told me I was hallucinating and to wait until tomorrow, but in the meantime stick my fingers in my ears and close my eyes.

I did this and only opened them once during the night when a light came on in a bed across from me, as a male African nurse was giving a patient her meds. (That’s what happened in the real world) what I saw was the nurse come in pull the curtain round the patient and begin putting candles and voodoo stuff around her bed and begin chanting. At this point I think my sanity kicked in and I stuck my fingers in my ears once more. In the morning I had a lot of apologising to do.

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