Suzi in wonderland

Suzi in wonderland


What I am about to tell you is bits of information from various loving people who were around me during my first week in Leeds Royal Infirmary.

My parents and sister were collected by the police from their places of work, and were only given the vague information that ‘your daughter has been involved in a serous road accident’. ‘no, I’m sorry I can’t tell you more’. My sister to this day hates the sound of police sirens.

They got to me as I was being wheeled down the corridor all wrapped up, my mother told me I had mouthed ‘is it just my leg?’ she had nodded and I had raised my hands to give a thumbs up, then fell unconscious.

During my first two days I was put on a life support machine whilst they performed surgery on my left leg and right foot. I was told later that they had tried to save my knee but my vitals kept dropping, so instead the surgeon took off the knee bone and filed down my thigh bone, then folded over my thigh muscle to protect the bone.

Whilst on life support it was the first time I had heard my father cry. My sister and mother were discussing my achievements in walking and climbing and what I was going to do next, when I opened my eyes and tried to take the tube out of my mouth. The nurses came rushing in and knocked me back out explaining to my mother that I wasn’t ready yet to come round.

The rest of that first week was a blur, but I do remember a surgeon asking me where I wanted my skin grafts taken from. Hazily I told him nothing below the knee as I still wanted to wear skirts and not show scars. I already had a now faded scold covering my chest from burns as a baby.

After my operation I was wheeled back onto the high dependency ward. That’s when the hallucinations began. Apparently I am one of the 10% of the population that is allergic to the drugs they use to knock you out.

I was laid in bed all dopey when I noticed the old lady in the bed across to my right, had gaming dice on her desk. I didn’t think anything of that until the nurses went through a glass door on my right to a patient in a room (in their uniform) and began getting changed into role play clothes. i.e. fancy dress, warriors, wizards etc. yes I know it sounds insane now but bare with me.

I thought isn’t that nice the lady is so upset next door they are dressing up for her to cheer her up, and I managed to get the attention of one of the nurses and said ‘that’s nice of you, doing role pay for her.’ the nurse looked at me odd and said ‘what are you talking about, go back to sleep.’ I just thought ‘right it’s a secret, don’t want to get anyone into trouble’ and fell asleep.

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