Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t posted a new YouTube vlog with me walking yet. First off, as soon as I got back from Germany they wanted my leg to go off for servicing. Then I didn’t get a loaner unit until two weeks later. Then I was rushing around sorting out Christmas presents and a big rush on orders for my business. Then yesterday I went to A&E after having really, really bad stabbing pains in my lower left side. I was fine, had been since my operation. Yes I had a mini IBS attack in hospital and at the airport that time, but that was down to trigger foods.

I had been having a few whiskeys over the festive season and a few mince pies (free from gluten & dairy), but my healthy choice of foods stayed the same. No processed rubbish, plenty of fruit and veg, no sweets, no sugar or salty foods. Then wham! Agony. I was so scared I thought my appendix had burst (I have no idea where that is in the body by the way).

But this wasn’t bowel/IBS wind pain and wasn’t IC bladder burn, this was something completely different and I thought it must be severe cramp. Then after 20 mins it had worn off and reduced to a low pulled muscle feeling. Then a few seconds later it slowly built up again, to the point where I was in tears thinking “what the hell!”

I was in so much pain that I called 999. I have never done this before ever, especially this time of year when I know emergency services are stretched, but I was so scared and in pain. The lady told me that there would be a two hour wait, as my condition did not sound life threatening, so I said I’d get a taxi. I was in so much pain at this point I couldn’t scroll through my phone to get the number, so I just did what any scared child would do and called my mum on speed dial.

I felt really stupid and she of course went into ‘mum panic mode’ and called my brother-in-law to pick me up. She then got in a taxi with my dad and headed to the hospital saying she would meet us there, but also called my sister (who is heavily pregnant) who got in her car and went there.

By the time we had amassed on the A&E unit my pain had gone down to a dull ache again. I felt really, really stupid, especially with having all my family there Christmas week, looking at me. In the end I convinced them to go and my mum stayed with me while I had tests. I then had to come back the following day for a CT scan and that’s when they found out I had two kidney stones, 3-4mm in size, stuck up by the exit of my left kidney.

The agony I’d felt was the stone moving out of the kidney where it had formed and squeezing down the thin pee tube. There was pee blocked up behind it, but it did not warrant surgery as the stones were small enough to pass down on their own given time and lots of water. I just had to go home, munch pain killers like smarties and grin and bear it until they passed.

I’m going back in two weeks for another x-ray and tests to see if they have moved/gone. I’m also going to see if I can get one when they come out because I found out there are different types. Not just the common calcium ones, but one made by too much acid or a UTI infection, one that is hereditary and one that is rare and usually only in men (I bet I have that one). Each stone requires a change in diet to stop it coming back, or medical treatment etc. so I need to know what to do because I am not having reoccurring kidney stones to add to my list!

What really annoys me is that for the past year or so I have been on a really healthy eating routine. Not a diet, but healthy lifestyle changes. I’m mostly vegetarian; I have Quorn as meat alternative, I don’t have dairy, like cheese, because I don’t like the greasy taste anymore. I don’t have fried foods, pasties etc. and I don’t eat sweets and cakes. I might have a treat at a birthday meal but that’s it – nothing to warrant kidney stones!

Well, its New Year’s Eve tomorrow, so no booze or even coffee for me. 🙁

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