Still waiting for the leg

Still waiting for the leg


Hi all,

I just got back from a four hour session at the prosthetists, only to be told the fitting still isn’t right for my new hydraulic leg.

The suction socket is having problems with my cone shaped injury and the tighter they make the socket grip, the suction pads are cutting off the circulation to the end of my stump, making it throb and go black, which is not good. And I can’t have a belt system with a hydraulic leg because it’s too heavy.

So they are going to try a different liner, one that is made of gel, hoping that this will relive the presser lower down. In the meantime, I’m having my original socket (on a belt) made to fit me better and the tilting ankle put on it. So I should have one leg to be going on with by the end of January 2014. But that means I may be legless for Christmas (chance would be a fine thing)!

Hope you have a good one, and a happy New Year xxx

Anyway keep plodding on!

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