So far so good


Hi all

Well I’ve had my new leg now for 2 weeks and I’m finally back to walking with one stick again, and with no stick around the house.

Below are some pictures of my new bolt on leg.

The metal button on the inside of the knee is what you press to take the leg off, there is a slot in the side of this button and once your pin is in the hole (pictured). You take a coin, best is a 50p, and put it in the slot and turn it away from you which pulls you in to the leg and locks you in.

My liner looks a little wrecked only because the holes in the grey skin were made when I fell and they caught on the Velcro I had stuck to the inside.

I’m ok, bruised my bum, but you are still going to fall, you just got to get back up.

Also this liner has a prickly rim at the top and can make you saw with chaffing. I’ve got round this by buying some thin foam and tucking it around the rim.

This leg is called Mr fluffy for obvious reasons. I didn’t want the usual hard leather the Prosthatists put on so I bought some fluff, which I mentioned in my last post and glued on a couple of layers. May have to think of an alternative in summer but at the moment its comfortable.

Also as I said, I can now walk in the house without a stick. I would advise getting some stiff hiking boots because these support your foot when walking. I still wear my pumps when I meet up with friends but wear my hiking boots in the garden and round the house.

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