Shortening the stumpy

Shortening the stumpy


Hi all

Well 6 weeks ago I had my op to cut of the bone overgrowth at the end of my stumpy, and flatten down the loose skin on the hip side. So rather than looking like an ice cream shape leg I now have a short cone. There wasn’t any pain just soreness from the stitches. They said there was some more bits of road debris which they got out as well as filing down the bone.

So it’s been six weeks in the pram (wheelchair), and I’ve already scuffed all door frames. Bashed my knuckles and generally getting frustrated at the world.

My stitches have now all dissolved and I just have plasters on over the sore bits. which is mainly under my thigh at the top, as that’s what gets sat on and pulled around, so is taking longer to knit together.

A few days ago I started putting my grey liner on just to get my leg used to the tightness again. The first time it always feels like you pulling on a rubber corset, until the rubber softens and then you just wearing a wellington all day.

Now today I’ve got my leg back on, I can’t take a proper step with out it hurting really bad. the socket doesn’t fit right now because my stump has changed shape. So rather than putting my weight through the hard seat on the rim, my weight is being taken by my thigh itself. Pulling the skin up and down when I move. And as there’s new muscle and nerves in new areas its like I’m getting a Chinese burn with the occasional stab of pain when I try to walk. I’m sure this will settle down in time and I will keep trying a few steps to toughen up the nerves/muscle to pressure.
I’ve booked an appointment in the new year for a new socket fitting so by then I hopefully will be able to walk.

This is also my first Christmas in my new bungalow, my family helped my decorate my tree and I’ve ordered most of my presents off the Internet.

I could go on the bus in my chair into town but that always seems to fall on days when I’m really self conscious about people staring at me, and worrying whether the driver will get out of his cab and pull down the ramp for me. Then I can only fill up my rucksack and have to come home.

Another method is riding my mobility scooter into town, riding into those shops big enough. This way I can put large items on my scooter.

The only down side is for the smaller shops I cant go in as i have to use both crutches to hop around and cant hold a basket at the same time, and shops with steps are a definite no go.

I know what you are going to say why don’t you go with a friend or family. I have but I like my independence, so the sooner I get back my leg the happier I will be.

So hope you all have a pain free, stress free Christmas and a happy new year. xxxx

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