The revenge of Bradford Road

The revenge of Bradford Road


Hi all

Well I’ve not been getting much sleep due to a throbbing pain under the top part of my stumpy. After only wearing my old leg for 2 days I started to get a sharp pain. To the point where I can’t even put my rubber liner on.

On closer inspection today the red lump now has a black dot in it about 1cm across. At first I was panicking thinking it was black dying skin. But on closer inspection (with the aid of a magnifying mirror it looks like another piece of stone from Bradford Road!

So I’ve called up my doctor and made an appointment to see him to have it cut out. This will mean stitches and my leg wrapped up for 6 weeks 🙁

I’ve already put on a bit of weight over Christmas, I can feel my ass growing as we speak 🙂

But better out than in and hopefully this will be the last operation. Then I can get on with sorting out the fitting of my old leg (which is currently two long). Whilst also supervising works on my new house.

Also it was my birthday on the 4th I’m now 35! They say that after 5 years you should be sorted with a leg and walking confidently. So 3 more years of tweaking to go. 🙂

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