Plodding on


Hi all yes i know, its been a while, but I’ve finally moved out and had to unpack and sort out my computer.

I have been walking on my old leg now for 5 months. I am able to walk with just one stick, as I have solved the problem of the leg slipping off or turning round when you sit down. Don’t tell your prosthatist this as they wont be happy with you messing with the equipment. But they don’t have to wear the leg you do.

So first the grey liner that you have it should be rubber on the inside and an elastic type cloth on the outside. Take a metal brush or scouring pad and when you have the liner on rub the top of your thigh, until the grey cloth becomes slightly fluffy.

Then buy some Velcro strips. You can get these from any sowing shop. glue 4 strips diagonally on the top inside of your plastic socket.

Then put your leg on you should find that the fluffy cloth now sticks to the Velcro and you should be able to shake your leg and it wont come off. You shouldn’t have to wear all those silly white socks to pad it now. You can easily pull your leg off to adjust if needed. So that’s why I can now walk with one stick. I’ve also taken the foam off again as the leg doesn’t swing out as well.

I am also waiting for 3 operations, the bone on the end of my stump, my left wrist carpel tunnel, and I’ve decided to do something drastic about my weight and having lyposculpture.
So by Christmas I will be back in my chair, all bandaged up. But I’m determined that that will be it for operations no more!!

I will post pictures after each op and let you know how I get on.

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