Pin lock review/trouble

Pin lock review/trouble


Hi all

Well after getting my sandpaper and saw out of the garage and hacking of bits of my leg that stuck in me. (I wouldn’t recommend this) It was still painful.

The whole problem with the pin lock system is that it’s a good idea. You push your grey liner with a pin on the end into a hole in the bottom of your socket and it sinks in until it wont go in anymore, and you cant pull it back out with out pressing a metal button on the inside of your knee. (which sticks out like a mini metal bar and you cant wear anything tight on your leg or it will press the button).

The problems come when the socket is too long, the pin pulls you in and at the same time the bum shelf at the back and your crotch slowly pushes into your skin until it becomes too painful to walk.And you cant pull yourself out without pressing the button.

This is the problem I’m having at the moment, I hate the thing. I know when I finally get back into see my prosthatist and tell him look the socket is too long. He’s not going to believe me because hes the qualified prosthatist and knows how this should feel!!!!

So I found out that my old gel liner fits comfortably in the socket, so I got a load of Velcro and glued them to the inside of the leg and stuck my leg in, and hey presto my leg doesn’t come off, and its comfortable. But they won’t let me keep it like this 🙁

I will leave it on like this so I can get some practice walking again, and will let you know what happens next.

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