Osseointegration vlog update, part 11

Osseointegration vlog update, part 11


Hi all,

I got back from my forth visit to Hanover on Friday 20th. I only went for one day this time to have the metal parts fitted on the outside of my stumpy.

They added new bits on with screws and a rubber hammer! It vibrated every time the struck the end. It didn’t hurt, it just felt really uncomfortable. Like someone bashing your funny bone with a rubber hammer.

When I first stood up I thought it would hurt, that I would feel the pressure through my bone as I pressed down but I didn’t. What I did feel and still do – when I try to push down and then lift up (transfer weight from foot to foot) – is a sharp trapped nerve pain. I had this when I first had my big socket leg and was learning to walk for the first time. So, I just have to slowly keep applying pressure and force my nerves to either toughen up or move out of the way! 🙂

I’m not allowed to walk without my crutches; I can’t do that anyway but have to stay on them for six months. The weeping at the end will get heavy I have been told, because I’m upright and basically squeezing water out. This should stop in time.

The leg feels very heavy but again my first leg with socket felt really heavy, it’s just something I know with time I will get used to. It also looks awful; I told you it doesn’t look nice but I have got rid of the socket! The technical team in Hanover are making a 3D printed shield for the top part to match my ankle cover, so it will look better when I wear shorts and skirts.

At the moment I have the leg off over this weekend, as the inside around the rim, at the front is bruised due to the weight and it’s only been three weeks since the implant, so it’s still very tender.

I will put the leg on for a short time each day, stand up and transfer my weight, then take it off to allow the nerves to settle. I go back to Hanover in four weeks for a part change and the thigh cover and then I get transferred over to the team at PACE to do physio. But I will wait until January to book this in, give my leg time to heal and enjoy the upcoming festivities.

Here’s my latest vlog…

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