Nose to the grind stone

Nose to the grind stone


I wanted to get my life back to as normal as possible, and this meant returning to work.

I returned on Wednesday 8th August, 3 months after having my accident.

As I work for a patient transport company it wasn’t a problem being collected and taken in.

There was a buzz of people around me, and my first day back mainly consisted of telling my story for the hundredth time, and reassuring people that I was okay and doing fine.

Even though I had been given shorter hours it was still mentally exhausting and I soon began to get tired.

I have been very fortunate working for Bradford Council in that they have been very accommodating with my adjustments. Even going as far as building me a ramp to get into the office, and fitting bars and an emergency cord in the toilets. I tried to keep the mood light and stated that the only time I would pull that would be if I ran out of toilet roll!

You do find that people will stare; you probably did when you were able bodied. It’s just a natural curious human reaction. They want to ask ‘how did that happen.’ but daren’t, however get used to small children asking you all sorts of questions.

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