No pain no gain

No pain no gain


Well I still haven’t got a new date for my surgery yet, and we are half way into May. So I called the hospital and told them to book me in in July. When I get back from my TRIP TO DISNEYLAND!!!!! Ahem…excuse me.

I know from previous operations it takes up to two months to fully heal then another month to get back to walking normal. And i don’t want to be changing dressings or in pain on Holiday.

So currently the Amatryptaline has kicked in and its reduced the pain to where if I pad out the bottom of my stump it doesn’t hurt. I still cant walk far but i can do a bit of gardening and pick poo yay. The only downside of Amatryptaline is its a great nerve suppressant but it also affects your mood. Messing with you serotonin levels. Its a drug also prescribed to people with depression. It messes with my happy hormone so one day I’m really happy and the next day i could wake up and be so low and only have black thoughts and cry. The sooner i get this operation done I can get back off these things.

Also since new year I have been eating healthy, no booze, no sugar and low carbs and calorie counting. I still have a bun on my birthday and meals out but i take those calories into consideration. As of April I had lost half stone and as it’s not done through fad dieting just healthy eating it should stay off. I also do a 20min exercise routine without my leg on. I’m gonna keep this up until the end of the year to see what my body settles at. Attached is a pick of me with my new electric leg. i have, for the first time in two years a size 10 top and bottoms on.

Keep on plodding on folks. X

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