New year new start?

New year new start?


Hi all

Well below are pictures of updates on my middle toe top bone amputation. It’s a bit squashed at one side but at least they didn’t take off as much as I thought they would, and it doesn’t hurt anymore when I walk. The 4th toe likes to go purple but it’s not throbbing or in pain. So it’s just bad circulation which I will keep an eye on.

Also had my carpel tunnel operation on my right wrist. This picture is taken 12 days after the operation so it’s healing well. I thought it wouldn’t hurt because the palms of your hands are tough. But those numbing needles really hurt, apparently your hands are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Makes sense if you think about it. And I wont know if it’s worked for at least 3 years! But the constant tingling seems to have gone so fingers crossed. But I’m not having the other one done.

Also my only leg is still getting a re-cast so at one point I was stuck in bed because I had my arm in a sling and couldn’t push myself around in my chair. Luckily I’m still living with my parents so until I was able to move my hand with out pain I had a mum slave. 🙂

But it has been really frustrating just stuck not able to do much, even my computer mouse its a right handed track ball!

On 28th Jan I go for my first fitting of my old leg, to iron out any catching bits etc. Then I will have to wait another 2 weeks to be called back in to adjust the height. Then I should be able to take it home and walk again, hopefully in time for my Birthday in February!

Of course because I’m not moving much I’m not making myself tired and find I’ve been staying up till passed midnight watching telly. Also the Christmas fat loves me too much to leave.

Also I’ve started trying to lower the medication I’m on. I’m down to just 300mg of Gabapentin once a night and 2x 10mg Amatriphtaline. So far the bad pins and needles feeling in my stump isn’t getting any worse so we shall see how I go.

Hope you are doing well too.

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