New Year, New Leg

New Year, New Leg


Happy New Year!

It was a quiet Christmas and New Year and I had to stay in with the parents as I can’t drink at the moment, partly because of the medication I am on which makes you dizzy and also I need to concentrate on balance even more so when drunk.

I am now at the stage where I am ready for the next leg! Today I have had a plaster cast of my stump so that a new top mould can be done. I am then going to get a new rubber lining with a suction part that holds the bottom metal leg on.

Once I have got used to this new leg and it is comfortable then they have talked about new knees and an ankle joint, which I’m really excited about! They said it will take two weeks for the new mould to be done. As soon as I get the new leg I will post photos and tell you how I get on.

Also, I did go to see a physiologist and I’m still stubborn in the fact that I think I know myself well enough to get through most things. But it is nice to talk to a stranger about your feelings and to get honest feedback. It may not work for you, I’m seeing how I go and if I really need to talk to someone then I know they are there.

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