My left leg

My left leg


I went for another prosthetic fitting today, having everything crossed that it would fit this time.

This was the second time I had gone, and you may have to go for more. It’s best to get the fitting right you don’t want it to rub.

They decided that rather than shrinking and cutting down the plastic liner to fit my cone shaped leg. They would build it up with rubber gloves to make it square shaped (like a stump should be if I had skin on it).

It felt like pulling on a wet suit but was not uncomfortable. Then he brought out my leg!

It had my trainer on the end and was just the bare metal parts. It also has a strap that goes around your waist to hold it on.

Be warned ladies and gents if you are an above the knee amputee the plastic cup your thigh sits into comes all the way up to your groin. They do bend it outwards and put soft rubber around the lip but it’s still right up in there when you walk.

So he showed me how to strap myself in and I stood up for the first time in 3 months, it was ace. I then took a step and couldn’t believe how heavy it was, and as my prosthetic had a loose knee it flicked out when I stepped forward, which looked really weird.

After some more adjustments he then went away and put the cosmesis over it. (the foam skin.) This adds more weight to the leg, and do not get it wet as like a sponge you will be dragging even more weight around.

I was really excited and wanted to wear it home, but wasn’t allowed I had to take it home and then take it with me to my next physiotherapy session, where I will learn to walk on it.

Of course when I got home I put it on and stood up in it, and when my mum saw me she burst into tears, bless.

I have been told that at the end of the physio once you get used to the weight of the limb you are then referred back to the prosthetics unit, and they will give me another leg more suited to my day to day activities, i.e. walking, cycling etc. This one will be waterproof, but I have felt that covering and boy is that heavy!

Also when you get this first leg you will find that when you sit down the leg sticks out and you have to physically push it under you. This is because of the foam; I have been told the trick with this is to store the leg in a bent position to get a crease in the foam.

Also when sitting down the top of the leg (the cup) does dig into the underside of your bum, this unfortunately you will have to get used to.

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