My first flight

My first flight


Hi all, I went on my first plane ride today to Edinburgh Scotland. I was worried about going through security because I had heard all sorts of horror stories of people having to take their legs off in a queue in front of people.

But I was fine, just put my loose stuff, laptop, stick, etc. In a tray and sent that through, then I was frisked by a lady and had the tops of my shoes swabbed, didn’t have to take them off. Then they ran a wand over me and that was it. Coming back to England only difference was instead of wand I was asked to stand in a scanner.

Don’t know if it will be different going out of UK. But I will tell you that next year, when hoping to go to America.
I’m still on the hydraulic with tilting ankle and it’s great, really good going up hills. I have to put some sponge pads on my bum cheek and in between my crotch, but that’s just because my knicker line chaffs when i walk for long periods. I tried wearing shorts but my bum tries to eat them when I walk so I end up trying to discretely rescue them from my crack whilst walking. So it’s sponges or short thong. I prefer sponges.

I’ve decided now everything has settled to try for the electric leg at PACE. It’s very expensive and part of me wants it to be gold plated for the price. But in the end it’s supposed to be waterproof and sand proof and I can after practice even jog!.

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