Lipo done

Lipo done


Hi all

1 of 3 operations down, just 2 more to go. Had the liposuction 2 weeks ago, they sucked the fat out of my hips lower and upper tummy. I originally went in for just my hips, but the surgeon started grabbing hold of handfuls of stuff asking if I wanted to keep it! So I was knocked out and 1 hour later I was in a knee length pink corset. which I had to sleep in. I wasn’t in any pain until day 2 when the bruising started to come out.

Sorry it is so blurry – it’s hard to take a selfie of your front whilst balancing on one leg 🙂

As you can see all my front was bruised and my hips and around my lower back were the same colour. The little stickers are where the metal rod went in and they just had two stitches in. Of course I wasn’t able to wear my leg as the belt pressed on my bruised sides, so I was back in the pram. Also you cant wear any knickers, because as the swelling goes down your knicker line will leave a permanent dent (that’s what the doc says anyway).

So after one week of constricted painful days I went back and had my stitches out.

I’m now on week two and can put my leg back on, the bruising has nearly all gone but has been replaced by areas of hard lumps. This I’m told is scar tissue and I need to still wear my corset for 6 weeks! and some thing else they didn’t tell me. You have to massage yourself for 5 minutes to help break down the scar tissue.

I’m told that I wont see the final results for 6 months, that’s when all the swelling, scar tissues and other bits would have settled down. At the moment its just like when I first had my skin grafts on my leg I need to keep doing stretches. because if I don’t and I have been sat for a while its like those lumps cramp up and it feels like I’m tearing them when I stretch.

(I’m also not wearing my corset anymore sshhhh!) Because online some say no garment is needed other up to 2 months.
It’s to help with the shape, but if I keep up with my stretches and massage I should be ok. I have another review in 6 weeks so will let you know if there are any problems.

Operation number 2 for my stumpy is on Saturday, god I hope I don’t have to go back on the ward!

take care xxx

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