This is the last operation… no really!

This is the last operation… no really!


Hi all

Finally had the op to hopefully get rid of the crunching bone thing.

Well was up at 6am got to hospital for 7:30 didn’t have operation till 4pm! Woke up in pain so they gave me morphine and anti inflammatory’s Then because I was nil by mouth since 6pm yesterday the anesthetic made me really ill. I threw up twice in hospital and again in a bag on lift home in car.

When I finally got home I was a bit drowsy then just couldn’t sleep so about 3am got up and managed to have some toast.

They found a fragment of bone and large cyst that was pressing on a nerve at the back of my leg so that’s been cut out. Hopefully that should sort it but I don’t think they got the right area but I can’t tell until the swelling goes down.

So I’m back in my pram, I managed to do all my xmas shopping for friends and family last week, wrapped it and got my mum to hand out. So all I have to do is heal now and enjoy Christmas.

Here’s hoping my Christmas wish that there will be no more operations that this will be it, and my aim for next year is to be walking with my new prosthetic (which Ive now got used to) and to be able to walk without a stick.


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