The last operation… I really mean it!

The last operation… I really mean it!


Hi all

Happy new year, well I had my mum and dad and my sister and her fella around for Christmas dinner. I managed to cook it and get them all merry. I’m still in my pram as the leg was just the wrong size and I could not walk without pain. So I went back to Seacroft and got measured up for a new socket.

All the stitches have healed now and there’s no pain. I’m getting fitted for a pin lock fitting so I will keep you up dated on how that went.

Also I’ve had another operation. My left Carpel tunnel. I know I said in previous posts it hurt too much that I would not have the other done. But once I was back in the chair my left wrist got bad to the point where I could not hold up my phone for too long before my whole had went numb.

So I bit the bullet and got booked in, and yes those three injections into the bottom of your hand really, really hurt and this is coming from me, so you can believe me. It wasn’t the fact of the needle going in but when they pushed down on the plunger to pump the anaesthetic in boy that makes you grit your teeth. He had to stop twice with the bloody needle in my palm asking me to relax!!

But after that, within 10 minutes, it was all over, and I was bandaged up and told to keep it elevated in a sling for 5 days, then try exercises. But this time my hand was the usual completely numb until the next day, and then it felt fine. Just the pain of a cut on my palm. Where as last time my had was numb then for the next 4-5 days I could not touch my thumb and finger together without pain, it took a while for my had to support weight as well. Where as this operation I can move my fingers fine, make a fist and grip. There’s still the pain of the cut and it’s tender but at this rate I should be fine really quickly. I can only think last time he cut some nerve or tendon in my right hand, or he hasn’t cut deep enough on my left. God I hope it’s not that.

But we shall see, my right by the way is completely healed and no longer has problems.

So I’m down to one arm and one leg again, but that’s my last operation. I know I have said this before and something crops up, but I mean it now. I just want a break, from recovering or waiting for fittings or problems. I just want my leg and to go on holiday somewhere. let’s hope it’s this year this will happen.

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