I survived


Hi all

Well I survived the Prosthatist he wasn’t even a bit angry apparently people ‘tweak’ their limbs all the time. So phew!

He did agree that about an inch needed to come off the rim and he lengthened the leg. There was still a bit of pain by my bum but I was able to walk with out any groin pain now.

But walking in the bars my leg kept swinging out and round when I walked and my leg kept locking. This is because I had relied on the belt to pull my hip in all this time and now I had to use my inner thigh muscle. So I had to learn to clench my muscle as I walked pulling the leg in straight under me. This stopped the swinging out motion and the locking.

When I got home I got the Dremel out and cut off some more of the bum shelf part and bought some more Velcro and soft fluffy padding. I glued the padding to the bum rim so it was now comfortable to sit on. Then I put some Velcro on the inside of the socket (because they took it out when I went to see the Prosthatist!) and super glued the soft fluffy bit of the Velcro to my grey liner. This stopped the leg slowly turning in the socket as I walked.

I’ve now had a few days to practice walking and I can do it with one stick again but I have now found the leg to be too long. which is an easy adjustment I will see them about next week.

My leg/stump/residual limb, does hurt when I first put it on but its not pain caused by the socket but my nerves being squashed about and learning to take weight again. Plus the end I had sawn off is only a couple of months old. In time this should ease.

So I have my leg back, lets see how long it lasts this time 🙂 ho and I’m not planning on any more operations that’s it!……..

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