I never thought this would happen

I never thought this would happen


Hi all

I had to take my dog Lilly to the vets for a check up on a lump. She was fine and just had a biopsy. I was able to walk from the bus station with my hydraulic leg and a stick 200 yards to the vets. My mum came with me to help collect Lilly because she pulls like mad. When I walk her I have to do it on my mobility scooter with her lead strapped to the handles and even then she pulls.

Well I walked beside my mum up the road, and noticed Lilly kept stopping and looking back at me then walking on and looking back, so I asked mum to let me hold the lead.

It took a lot of effort not to cry as I plodded on and she slowly walked by my side waiting for me to catch up and always looking back at me right up to the bus station.

I never thought I would be able to walk my dogs again for fear they would pull me over but this gave me hope. One day I will be able to walk them in the woods again.

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