I have my new socket… and operation date!

I have my new socket… and operation date!


Hi all

Well I’ve lost a stone and a half on my healthy eating exercise routine (now 7.7 without leg and 8 stone with) and because of this my stumpy lost weight, and I had to folk out for a new socket. (Very expensive.) I will try desperately not to lose or gain any weight now but I kept my old socket just in case.

I also have a date for my operation, finally Saturday 13th August (glad its not a Friday) for my nerve operation. So basically I have my new leg all working, and I only get to enjoy this moment for one day!

I have also bought a new wheelchair (Helium Pro Black edition) I’ve customised the seat and back. think I might start a business called Pimp my wheelchair! 🙂

Its so shiny and I dread it getting scratched in taxis. will let you know how it survives the journey to Leeds on Saturday.  What do you think? Just missing a large sound system strapped to the back and blue light underneath. 🙂  If you do like the idea of me pimping your wheelchair get in contact.

I am scared about my operation on Saturday, simply because all my other operations have been to take something out. Or in one case cut my bone shorter. these were obvious what needs doing and once done was just a matter of healing. This operation is on my nerve endings cutting me open up the back and tucking then further up my leg. will I wake up in pain? will I have a constant trapped nerve feeling? will my leg spasm?

In a park by me called Beaumont Park there is a large circular bolder and as a child I was told it was the wishing stone and you had to touch it and make a wish. Yesterday whilst scooting my dog I hugged that stone not caring about the weird looks from fellow walkers and wished for no more pain. So lets see how I am Sunday. x

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