Home Sweet Home?

Home Sweet Home?


All my things had been moved to my parent’s house whilst I was in hospital, including my two dogs and two 3ft fish tanks. It was strange being back in my old room after being away from home for over 6 years, and as you could imagine there were a few tense moments as I settled in. But the fuss I got from my dogs when I got home was worth the wait.

I am so independent and did everything myself including DIY, walking my dogs in a morning and evening, climbing and camping. Now I was sat in my room watching my mum get pulled down the road by my dogs.

I was so weak that I couldn’t hop up the stairs to bed, and had to go up on my bum, and then get someone to help me on to my feet at the top.

I also have a commode or ‘porta loo’ as I like to call it, and a zimmer frame. You associate those kinds of things with old people, and part of you feels ashamed at having to be forced to use these devices but you have to. In the middle of the night that porta loo is really handy, and it’s bad for your leg to stay sat down all the time, so using the zimmer is good for building up strength in your other leg and stretching as well.

From the moment I was discharged I had outpatient appointments every day, then physiotherapy every Monday and Thursday. It took a while for my sleep patterns to sort themselves out as I was so used to being woken late at night for meds and early in the morning for blood pressure tests. Then I had to set my alarm for appointments, and give time to put on my dressings.

You will find that everything is twice as hard and frustratingly longer to do. Some things you will not be able to do at all. Like walk into a shop and pick up an item and take it to the till. (Your hands will be occupied with your crutches). But in the end you will be able to do this.

I have a wheelchair, which has changed to a smaller model (still an NHS special) and you will find you scrap door frames, couches and ankles. I found taking off the foot pads at the front help. Also get yourself a pair of padded gloves, they are good for physio and pushing your wheelchair. And don’t do what I did and think you can wheel yourself up to the shops, unless you have bionic arms you will only strain them and get exhausted half way.

The meds will make you feel constantly tired, I do but I carry on. ‘Never Give Up’

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