Good News….for you!

Good News….for you!


Hi all

Well I had a meeting today with my Solicitor from the accident, and a group of other important peeps who were all interested in sorting out a website.

This website will be there to help you guys and give you practical advice, such as where you can go, who can I talk to, and that all important question, when will I walk again?

Other ideas could be equipment we want to pass on or sell cheap. Wheelchair or disabled accessible places. (thinking of creating a sticker to be displayed in windows of business, so you can see when passing they are accessible).
Giving you contact details or videos to watch about prosthetic procedures and aftercare, disabled exercises, and meet up activity groups.

I have tried my best to lay it all out here as it happens, as you know I’m still recovering nearly 4 years on. But I like to think that things I have learnt along the way, can be passed on to you. All I want to do is help, you are my therapy.

So I will give you more details when I get them from future meetings. To get all these ideas of what is to go on this site and I will link it here once it is up and running.

But if you have any ideas of what info you might like to see that you have struggled to find anywhere else then let me know. we can be the amputee army 🙂 best foot forward…(groan sorry lol)

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