Cyborg Sue

Cyborg Sue


Hi all,

Well I haven’t got around to doing my vlog yet, but I will. I have been really busy trying to get my tea business up and running.

What’s happened so far:

1) Contacted PACE saying I wanted to go ahead with osseointegration, they gave me the name of the German Dr Hoist.

2) I emailed Hoist introducing myself and he’s been very friendly and requested x-rays and pictures of my stumpy.  Luckily I’d had xrays done recently due to my neuromas, so I made an appointment with my plastic surgeon to get them.

3) Two weeks later I got in to see Mr Dewar. Whilst in the meeting he emailed my x-rays and MRI scans to my home – this was a pre booked post op review anyway. These are the x-rays I posted in my last blog.

4) I got home, took pictures of my stumpy and compressed and sent everything to Dr Hoist, he was happy and replied the next day that I did not need the ‘thinning down tissue procedure’ that would take the operation over 2 years.

He told me I’m an ideal candidate and the whole thing would be sorted in six weeks! I was totally shocked at this news and this made me re-think things. If I went ahead and if all went well by the end of this year I would have a new leg and be socket free!

So I went and had a good long think, weighed up the pros and cons and thought ‘fook it go for it!’ So I’ve booked a consultation with Dr Hoist in Germany on Thursday 13th June. ARGH!!!

Cost so far:

  • Train to Manchester Airport – Open return with disability pass £17.75
  • Flight to Hanover – £303 (this is flights for me and my dad out on 12th return 13th – Expedia)
  • Taxi to hospital from airport £? will fill in on return
  • Overnight stay in hotel £76 (IBIS medical park – near hospital app)
  • Taxi from Huddersfield rail station to home £? will fill in on return

Will make a list of questions to ask and let you know how I get on.

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