Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber


Hi all,

Well I’ve been away for the weekend at my hobby, role playing. It was hosted at Nottingham University. The campus is absolutely massive; I booked a hotel on site as it only looked like it was 5 mins walk to every building I needed to go in.

But it wasn’t to scale it was a 25 min walk, up hills, up steps and across grass at one point, all this in glorious sunshine. You can see where I am going with this (see picture below).

My leg began to sweat badly on the 2nd day of trudging around. I already had plasters around my crotch to stop the top of my liner rubbing. But this didn’t stop the rubber inner liner start to slip. Once the blister popped it just oozed water and had no grip at all.

This was on the Saturday night after drinking with friends and when I was walking back to my hotel (all up hill). At this point I was really thinking about having osseointegration.

I had to grab the top of my hard plastic outer and hold it on and walk very slowly. Once inside I was able to take my liner off and wash my leg. But I couldn’t put a plaster over it as the sheer material of the plaster would cause the rubber liner to not grip and slip.

I didn’t have my chair with me and anyway I couldn’t navigate the outside stairs to other buildings.

So I let air get to it overnight and then just had to put my liner back on over it and walk very painfully and slowly to my final events. Luckily, Sunday night a friend offered me a lift home, so I didn’t have to carry my heavy bag through train stations and limping.

Do you guys have this problem, especially in hot weather? I have looked into it and I’m going to try a product called Odaban. You spray it on areas that have excessive sweating the night before, then wash it off the next day and it’s supposed to stop you sweating.

I don’t know if this was sweating or moisture build up with me basically sealing up the top of my leg with plasters to stop rubbing (so no air could get out) and walking miles in heat causing a moisture build up? Well I will give it ago once my blister has healed and let you know how I got on.

Take care

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