Brain injury: we must continue fighting

Brain injury: we must continue fighting


I was involved in a car accident and as a result I sustained a severe brain injury.

I recovered  well initially, well I thought. I’m now severely disabled 19 years later. I tried to ignore the injury, continuing on with life, but after 10 years of life I started to shut down and had severe levels of chronic pain, migraine and chronic fatigue as well as lots of mental health issues. Basically brain injury is a life long injury, unlike most injuries that repair, the damage is there forever.

We need to support each other, as the world knows not of the aftermath effects and only see how you look.  As soon as I started using mobility aids the world seemed to get it and people now are a lot better.  I currently use a wheelchair out of the home and people always move, offer help, open doors, although obviously you still get the ignorant people that simply don’t care.

Brain injury is horrible don’t let anyone fool you but accept the help, accept all the advice because even though you think you know better, the experts do.  If only I listened.

I live in chronic pain and simple life is a challenge everyday always.

Please be strong and always keep fighting.

Days are hard and with all the issues you have after brain damage if you survive – there must be a reason.  I’m now with a man who has given up his life to become my full time carer, so fight.

Try the neuro pagers, try the notes, try  the dictaphones, try the brain injury crisis line, try the medication, try the well you get my point try it all we all find our own way in the end.

Been there done it but remember we are the ones that survived.


Please don’t be fooled, but I’m here and if you are reading this so are you. We must continue fighting – I will if you do.

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