Big steps

Big steps


Hi all

Well I survived Christmas, and was able to walk around for the first time! I was able to decorate my tree, and make Christmas dinner, not in my pram! The downside is after walking around so much I have developed another neuroma. But I have a review due with my plastic surgeon in a few weeks so can get booked in then.

I was warned this would happen, due to the nature of my injury. At least I can tell now, that pain is this and that pain is that. So I can say to my doctor this needs doing. I’m also on the waiting list still for my ‘ring’ toe being re-broken. So it doesn’t hurt when I walk for long periods.  Since it was pinned in hospital after the accident, it had fused to the ‘knuckle’ part of my foot pointing down. Luckily the toe part of that toe was amputated so its only a small stump pointing down.  This is only a re-break and set so once done I should only be off my ‘feet’ for 6 weeks at most. I’ve been on the waiting list for this since November but I can’t blame the NHS for the long wait as its only a minor operation.

I also got a second smaller socket cast and put on my hydraulic leg. So that I could attach my new tilting foot to it permanently. It only tilts 2″ but that accounts for half my wardrobe boots. I’ve yet to try it out and think I might wobble over. So will leave that until after my next stumpy operation.

I was also frustrated with paying ‘a lot’ of money for my electric leg, that is supposed to let me do all these fantastic things. But due to my height I couldn’t even do the basic, stairs.

I’ve mentioned before how you have to flick your leg back like a bull getting ready to charge. Then quickly bring it up in front of you and place it on the step. But if the steps are standard hallway steps I was finding it hard to quickly kick back and lift my leg that high. Then when I tried to step up as directed my leg would bend at the knee, and I couldn’t step up.

Well as you know by now I am stubborn, and will always find my way. Prosthatist’s for all their knowledge are not wearing your leg. So if they tell you to do something one way and it just doesn’t work, try another.

So for those one legged pigmi’s heres how you step up. Don’t do the charging bull thing, because by the time you have kicked back. The leg realises you want to bend to step up, it hasn’t followed through fast enough and your toe catches on the lip of the step you are trying to step on.

So here’s what you do, raise your leg to step up (it doesn’t have to be on any special setting.) to the point where it bends, then using the lip of the step you want to step onto. Push the toes against it making the leg swing back slightly.(It doesn’t actually swing, unless you are on a hydraulic.) then place your foot on the step.

You should now be stood with one foot on the bottom step and your bad leg on the top step.

This next bit is different from what they tell you to do at physio.

Holding the banister, I want you to push down through your bad leg onto your heal, not your toes.

You have to reprogramme yourself not to go upstairs on the front of your feet.

Watch a ‘normal’ person do it and they go onto their tip toes when they step up.

You don’t have a calf to do this, so you have to push hard down through your heel.

So whilst doing this, slowly lift your good leg off the step. try not to pull yourself up with the banister.

Then when your good foot is on the next step bring your bad leg up to join it.

Congratulations you’ve just taken your first step up. Your good knee will thank you if it could.

I will add a video shortly.

Now just practice this on one step, very slowly, there is no rush. I still use the one, step up method in public. But with practice I will get quicker.

Now I have just got to find a better way of going down.

Take care x

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