Being microwaved

Being microwaved


Hi all

Well I’ve had my first M.R.I and it felt and sounded like I was being scanned then photocopied. Also when someone tells you to stay still is it just me or do you want to move.

They put head phones on you and left me listening to Radio Heart (old dance tunes good god!). I was okay until they jutted me forward and then back up. Probably to move me into position for a better scan. But I would be just lying there concentrating on not moving when suddenly ‘jut’, ‘jut’, and my stomach would larch. It took longer than i thought and I asked if they could see the cysts.

They said a Dr had looked over the scan they couldn’t see any cysts but some small neuromas on some nerve endings that would be causing me pain. When i got home I looked this up and found out neuroma is a posh word for lump of skin. So just got to wait until next Tuesday now for plastic surgeon to review and tell me when my operation is.

On the health news I stopped taking my depo provera injection which was due in February and I expected to come on by the end of Feb. But no, we are near April and still nothing. I looked that up on the net and apparently it can take up to 6 months for your body to go back to normal if you have taken it for a long time. erm yes 10 years. So you just watch, I’ll come on, on holiday whilst wearing my white shorts and top.

Also can’t remember if I mentioned in earlier posts as it’s not leg related just a general health moan. Since changing my diet to healthy eating I’ve not been tired anymore or bloated and have had no I.B.S symptoms at all yay. (But god do I need a drink!). But i have had a problem with wanting to go to the toilet a lot like every hour and sometimes I don’t even pee very much. This is making me tired as you can imagine waking up during the night bursting for a pee and then just peeing a bit.

I went to the docs and they gave me antibiotics thought I might have a bladder infection and got a blood test done and a pee test. the antibiotics didn’t do anything, the pee test came back clear. The blood test came back saying i didn’t have Diabetes, yay, but I had low white blood cell count, and they needed to do further tests. So more blood was taken, and she has referred me to the incontinence clinic. No, don’t laugh its called that but it deals with all bladder problems i think for some reason my bladder has become over sensitive. I don’t leak when I laugh and have very good bladder control thank you very much no massive pissy knickers for me needed!. Also I have itchy dry eyes. Just thought I would add that on.

Soooooo… Monday blood test results probably say I have a vitamin deficiency, its usually vitamin D and told to sit in the sun more. Then Tuesday scan results and operation date. and i got some comfort drops for my dry eyes, and trying this herbal remedy of the TV for over active bladder until i have to go to the pissy clinic.

My mam came to visit today and I asked her how she was and she started to get upset saying she feels helpless that she can’t make me better and why all this crap is happening to me. I felt really bad and said may be you pissed off a gypsy didn’t buy her lucky heather and she cursed your 1st born. it made her roll her eyes at least it stopped her crying. but i told her there’s no point in saying why me and crying.

Yes I do cry form time to time but will that make it better will it change anything, no. So you deal with it your presented with a problem so you go okay what do I need to do to change this/make it better/cure it. And slowly move forward. you don’t take each day at a time you take each hour at a time. Hours make days then weeks then years. I still have my hearing, my sight, my voice and my hands. So you just keep moving forward ticking off the hours.

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