Another Operation

Another Operation


I have been having a problem since last November with a small leaking sore at the back of my leg. I knew it was another piece of debris working its way to the surface but it was starting to interfere with my prosthetic. I couldn’t wear it for long periods because it felt like it was pushing on something. So I went on the list for an operation and had it today.

It was under local anaesthetic, at my request, as I didn’t want another adventure in Wonderland. He injected me 5 times, and each really hurt.

He had to dig deep; saying he was following a hole and then told me he had found a burst cyst. The debris was tiny and had made the hole, but it was the cyst that was causing the pain and leakage. After an hour of cutting, poking and stitching I was all wrapped up and sent off home.

Apparently I was lucky that little bit of grit was there because the burst cyst would have continued to leak inside my stump causing massive infection and God knows what else. So hopefully within the next four weeks I will be able to get back on my prosthetic again.

Also, my surgeon passed me photographs of my leg before it was amputated. These were in a brown envelope and were for my solicitor’s case. I didn’t have to look at them, just post them on, but curiosity got the better of me and it looked like a prop from a horror movie.

I won’t post the pictures here as it would be too much for you. Let’s just say even though I remember everything in detail, looking at those photos was very strange. It was like I was looking at someone else’s leg. I was more fascinated by the damage and it made me understand better why it had to be cut back.

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