Another Operation…on my nerves!

Another Operation…on my nerves!


Hi all

Well got results of my blood test and all is fine. I had low white blood cells last time because my body had just finished fighting off an infection. So when I had the 2nd test my white cells were going back to normal, and big surprise I don’t have a vitamin deficiency!

So just waiting for the pee clinic letter now.

So on with the leg news, got my date for the operation 23rd April, four weeks away. But hey what’s another month I’ve already waited 4!

So I got to see my C.T scans, and it looked like an x-ray of a slab of lamb. The surgeon pointed out the neuromas, and they were exactly where I pointed to in my very first review. So now he can see them he knows where to operate.
Also neuromas area bundle of nerve endings that are trying to heal and connect to the other side of the nerve it got severed from. That’s never going to happen so they just heal over in a blob, which is painful when pressed. So the surgeon is going to have to open me up high up my thigh pull the nerve away from near the surface where it is and tuck it further up inside the padding of my thigh. So that when the neuroma does come back. (I’ve been told its just your bodies way of trying to repair itself, so it will). It should be cushioned by my muscle tissue and not hurt as much.

The only other thing is, he warned me I will be in a lot of pain when I come around because he’s cutting my nerve endings, two of them. He said that if I have pain then it fades that’s good but if I have pain that continues and it will take longer to heal.

My two worries are I don’t have any nerve pain at the moment, I just have a slight fuzzy pins and needles feeling and I feel my ghost foot.

But some poor people have trapped nerve pain that’s constant and pulsing. Please, please don’t let this happen to me!

So here’s everything crossed for next month.

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