Another op & getting out and about

Another op & getting out and about


Hi all

Sorry I missed a month’s post I’ve been busy getting my new bungalow sorted. I’ve got to get out of my parents house it’s driving me crazy. So looking forward to independence again.

So I have to have another operation, the bone on the left side of the tip of my stumpy has continued to grow and is now making the skin pull tight. If I graze this it’s so tight that it could split, and have problems in the future knitting back together. Plus it’s causing a problem when it comes to putting on my socket.There is only so much padding I can put on to stop it knocking at the side when I walk. So I’m either going to have to have that over growth filed down or an inch taken off the end.

Also I am walking again (yay) but where I had my last operation to have to two stones removed at the back and side. It’s all healed but is still tender to touch, I think either the scar tissue is pressing on a nerve or there is still something in there, and my socket pushes on these areas when I walk. So I have got two foam pads and taped them to my leg. It’s provided a good cushion and doesn’t hurt when I walk. So that’s a temp solution until I go for my next review.

Also it’s been at least two years since I last socialised, and I’ve forced myself to go out to meet an old group of friends tonight.I have kept putting off meet ups after my accident for different reasons. Some have been obvious, I was recovering from an operation, and shouldn’t move.

But other times I guess I’ve just felt like I have been knocked out of the loop, and hated the idea of just standing there not knowing what everyone is talking about. Thinking they are looking at my leg or whispering ‘ho that’s Suzy yeh she lost her leg’. But I know I’m being silly, and I also know I need to get out of the house and try and get my life back. It wont be the boozy Suzy I used to be, it will give me something else to think about rather than my next operation. So wish me luck I’m crapping myself!

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