A weighty problem

A weighty problem


Hi all

Just being honest with you that I still have down days. Today is one of them, the topic of today’s blues is my weight. Since my accident I have put on a stone, and have gone up a dress size from 10 to 12 to 14 depending on the item of clothing. I know it’s down to going from being very active and fit to hardly moving, and my mum’s cooking.

Once I finally move out I will be able to get control of my diet again. But the other thing that’s got me down is waiting for yet another operation, then months of recovery then sorting out my old leg again. Which still isn’t right it’s still too long and does a really annoying thing (which belt legs do) which is you get it in the right position then you sit down and when you stand back up its twisted round and the foots turned in. I find this annoying with just one leg I feel really sorry for those who are missing two.

When I am finally healed enough to get that sorted I will mention this to the prosthatist there has to be something.

And whilst I’m having a moan I keep getting stabbing pains where I had my carpel tunnel, and my wrist is really weak. I know its only been 6 weeks since my op and pushing myself around in my chair doesn’t help. So that’s my moans, I know I have to be grateful that I only lost my leg and not my arms or damaged my face or senses. But as you will know some days are really hard. X

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