6 Years On

6 Years On


Posted by: Suzi Unsworth

Hi all,

Well it’s that time of year again, it seems to come around faster each time.
Today especially just take a moment and sit outside, if its nice or even if its not.
Take a deep breath and look around, listen to the birds, feel the sun, wind or rain on your face.
See the flowers that are in bloom and look at the trees and clouds.
Yes the garden needs a hell of a lot of work, yes I have shop work to do and other ‘small’ things in the grand scheme of life. But even you should just take a minute. Switch off that phone, find a quiet spot and just sit and appreciate being alive.

On this day 6 years ago, Sue Unsworth, a Bradford council H.R worker, who had been single for a year after splitting with her partner of 12 years, and moved away from her family and friends, who was incredibly lonely and couldn’t even afford a bus pass after bills, died today.

And Suzi Unsworth a resilient, fiercely independent, (my mother would say stubborn) person was born. She was able to move back to her childhood town where she was the happiest she could remember. She opened up her own business and gained lots and lots of new friends and reconnected with old.
Yes the road has been hard, but there is a saying ‘I would give my arm and a leg for that’.
Thankfully my new life only cost me my leg and to get everything I have now, I would gladly pay the price again if I was asked ‘do I want to go back and not cycle to work that day.’

Remember hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become years just take them in your own time.

So as before, there are the progress pics below – I will give a big gap as I know some of you might be eating…














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