5 years on!

5 years on!


Hi all,

Well it’s been five years since my accident! I remember watching a YouTube clip of an Indian man who had lost his leg and was walking down the street with his friends without a stick. It had taken him five years to get to that point and I was determined that would also be my target.

Since my accident I have been making a list and I will continue to add to it.

It sounds morbid to start off with but hear me out. It’s a list of all the good things I have experienced after my accident date. If I had died that day I wouldn’t have been here to do, see or experience them.

So whenever I am down or when I get to another year, I look at the list and it inspires me to go on living, making that list longer.

  • Held the keys to my very own bungalow
  • Bought gothic furniture for the house
  • Learnt how to cross stitch complicated patterns
  • Road on a mobility scooter for first time.
  • Watched lots of movies at pictures with sister
  • Went to London
  • Saw the Natural History Museum
  • Got one quarter of the way up Ben Nevis
  • Flew on a plane
  • Visited Edinburgh
  • Tried an avocado for the first time
  • Hosted a roleplay game at my home
  • Cooked Christmas dinner in new home for family
  • Held a newt in my hands
  • Was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding
  • Flew to America
  • Went to Disneyland
  • Got to hug Big Hero 6
  • Went to Universal Studios
  • Sang ‘Singing in the Rain’ down Fake Broadway with my dad, whilst others ran for cover
  • Discovered frappuccinos – became slightly addicted
  • Retired my mum, made her cry in a good way
  • Went to Whitby goth weekend and bought a hat that actually suits me
  • Joined roleplay again and made new friends
  • Went to nationals for first time in 10 years and came first place in my category
  • Experienced liposuction…ouch
  • Stayed in a hotel by myself for the first time
  • Lost one stone & a half in weight
  • Watched lots of TV series (too many to mention)
  • Went to Nottingham nationals, came 3rd but walked around in the sun on large campus
  • Tried full eye black contact lenses for first time.

Plus so many other injury related stuff and other bits that I can’t recall right now, due to the amount of pain killers I’m on, but you get the idea.

‘Why am I on painkillers?’ I hear you ask. Well I had my toes operated on to stop the pain I had when I took a step. I’ve had the two knuckle bones taken out of my two middle toes and the nail removed from my little toe.

So just waiting for my date for my neuroma operation next so will let you know how I get on.

Keep plodding on peeps. x

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