3 little piggis

3 little piggis


Hi all,

Well three weeks after the operation on my toes and I’m walking around again. The Deadpool genes have kicked in once more! It’s still sore to walk at speed and I can’t flex my foot, so no standing on tip toes etc. But I can walk very slowly with my stick.

I had the end bone taken out of the middle and 2nd to little toe and the nail bed removed from the little toe. (see pictures below)










I now have three little toes instead of one; bonus is less likely to catch on furniture 🙂

Now next Saturday I’m having my 15th (!) operation on my stumpy (neuromas removed again). I should get a free coffee or something. I actually look forward to being knocked out because I get a few hours of deep sleep. I even play a game with myself now and try to stay awake, or even see how far I can count down. I’ve been knocked out that much that I have a scar on the back of both hands where the cannula goes in.

Hey ho, the really frustrating thing is I’m going to be in my pram over summer. I can’t get in the garden or go on holiday. Well I can, but I’ll be in bandages and I know my mood will go down as I don’t like being in my pram. I haven’t even got round to trying out my new tilted foot yet with heeled shoes.

I’ve also got the start-up of my new business. That should be interesting seeing how I cope in my pram, packing goods and getting stock out of the garage. Well let’s deal with one problem at a time.

Next thing stumpy operation.

Wish me luck.

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