A-Z of trauma symptoms


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Everyone handles traumatic events differently. Whether you’ve been involved in an accident, witnessed an accident or are going through a major life change; these experiences affect people in different ways. It’s important to remember that if you have been involved in a traumatic event, not all symptoms can be seen and while you may feel fine physically, you or your friends and family may notice that you’re behaving differently. This could be a sign that you’re finding it difficult to cope.

Psychological Therapist, Carol C Sharp, who specialises in trauma therapy and post-incident debriefing says:

“Any one of us may be called upon to provide assistance to people involved in traumatic incidents of varying degrees of severity, become witness to such events or encounter similar trauma in our own personal lives. While training and experience may help in avoiding the worst effects of emotional shock arising in such incidents, we are not necessarily immune to feelings and emotions.

“As all of us respond individually and uniquely to traumatic events, we are likely to be affected differently. Most of us recover very quickly and in our own time. If you continue to experience symptoms for over a month after the event, you should consider talking to a trauma therapist, your GP or your Occupational Health Department.”

We’ve pulled together an A-Z guide of common trauma symptoms to help you consider whether you need some additional support from a doctor or a psychologist.

a-z trauma symptoms

Please note: not all trauma symptoms are listed in this guide. This is a brief overview pulled as information only by the Personal Truths team. You may be experiencing symptoms of trauma that are not listed here, therefore if you are worried about how you’re feeling or if you’re experiencing some new symptoms, please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your concerns.

For more information on the above symptoms please visit: www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Pages/hub.aspx

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