Specialist trainers help bikers get back on the road

Specialist trainers help bikers get back on the road


Posted by: Mark Jaffe, Company Director, Phoenix Motorcycle Training Ltd.

According to a report by VideoBiker, statistics demonstrate that motorcyclists suffer the highest accident and injury rates per mile travelled, versus all other road users. This could be due to a number of factors; because they can be difficult to see, they move quicker than drivers sometimes assume, can be affected by the wind and are often injured when cars pull out of junctions without looking properly.

Motorcyclists are classed as vulnerable road users with 693 motorcycle incidents in 2015 and THINK! Road Safety reports injuries to motorcyclists are out of proportion to their presence on our roads. This is why it’s really important to ensure quality safety training is provided to all motorcyclists, whether they’re new to two wheels, or returning to biking after a break or an accident.

There are a number of really helpful courses available across the UK which not only inform motorcyclists of the necessary safety measures, but help riders re-build their confidence and skills, helping them get back to biking following a break. Phoenix Motorcycle Training is one of the most established motorcycle schools in the UK and we spoke to Company Director Mark, to find out how they help riders get back on the road…

“We’re really passionate about teaching new motorcyclists to ride”

“Tony Smykowski established Phoenix Motorcycle Training in September 1999 because being a passionate motorcyclist himself, he really wanted to raise the standard in motorcycle training. Our first centre opened in Amesbury and since then we have grown massively. We now have 17 schools across the country and approx. 70 instructors based in all regions.

We’re really passionate about teaching new motorcyclists to ride, but we also have a back to biking course which we offer to riders who have been involved in an accident and require confidence building, or simply need help reintroducing themselves back to biking after taking a break.

We have approximately 200 bikers a year take part in our back to biking course, which is a mixture of classroom and physical training. We help approximately 20 motorcyclists get back to biking following an accident every month.

“Not all bikers have physical injuries”

Our back to biking course is tailor made to suit the individual needs of each student to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Not all bikers have physical injuries; 3-4 of our participants a month have experienced a psychological trauma, which is why we offer 1-to-1 training with an instructor – to ensure participants feel safe and secure.

After back to biking, a lot of our participants go on to book our Enhanced Rider Scheme course. The ERS is designed to advance your existing skills to become a better and safer rider.

If you’re wary about getting back onto a motorcycle following an accident, my top three confidence building tips for returning to riding would be:

  1. Always keep your vision up and ahead – look where you want to go.
  2. Give yourself plenty of time to except the unexpected.
  3. Smoothness in riding is key.

“Get them back to doing what they love most”

I find my role at Phoenix really fulfilling – it’s great to see our students building their confidence and getting out on two wheels again. The aspect of my work I’m the most proud of is teaching people to ride successfully and helping them fulfil thier dreams on a bike.

We envision the future of Phoenix Motorcycle Training as a successful one. We want to continue to expand, opening more centres across the UK, and continue to raise the standard of motorcycle training by not only teaching people to ride with a good quality skill set, but building up participant’s confidence after being involved in an accident, to get them back to doing what they love most.”

Visit Phoenix Motorcycle Training here, to find out more about their back to biking course.

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