Physiotherapy explained

Physiotherapy explained


Posted by: Rob Jeffery

We all think we are invincible until injury strikes.

No matter the type of injury, we all want to make a quick 100% recovery, or at least as close to this as possible.

Good physiotherapy can help you achieve this.  Our expertise, knowledge and skills in how the body moves can help you achieve your maximum. Whether it’s moving a limb, transferring from a to b, or performing everyday tasks that some people take for granted we are here to guide you through this process bit by bit.

We set mutually agreed goals for you, see what you can do and work with you to build movement, strength and confidence to maximise your ability.  In some case open new opportunities that you didn’t know existed or thought had passed you by.

Yes, it will take hard work, practice, repetition, hard work, practice repetition and maybe a tear or two and some frustration along the way but who said it was easy.

You get out of life what you put in and good physiotherapy both in the NHS or privately works with you to help maximise this.

An important factor to remember is that physiotherapy is a protected title and as such you can check if they are registered with the HCPC to see if they meet the standards required by all physiotherapists.

Rob is a therapist working out of Pontefract and founder of Kind hands Physio 

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