What evidence do I need to make a personal injury claim?

What evidence do I need to make a personal injury claim?


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Being involved in an accident can be an emotional experience and it’s easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about what evidence you need to pursue a personal injury claim. We’ve eased the process by suggesting a few things to remember when collecting the information for your case.

ID and insurance documents

Your solicitor or case handler will usually need to see your insurance documents along with two forms of your ID, one with a photograph and one which includes your current address.

A detailed report of the accident

Try to write down as much as you can remember about the accident while the details are fresh in your mind. This should include what happened, where, why, who was in involved, details of weather and flow of traffic.


Were there any witnesses at the scene of the accident? If so, remember to take down their name and contact number, as you may need to rely on their statements to support your personal injury claim.

Police officers

If police attend the scene you should try to obtain their details and make a note of the report or incident number. If possible, you should ask for a copy of the written accident report.

Third party

It’s really important to find out the details of all parties involved, including name, contact number, registration and insurance provider.


You’ll need photos of any vehicles involved, showing the damage caused by the accident. Visible injuries should be photographed from different angles, to show the level of injury. It’s also helpful to obtain photos of the road conditions and any damaged street furniture.

Medical records

Your solicitor or case handler will require a medical report to establish the injuries caused by the accident. In addition to this, any medical records from hospitals or treatment centres should be kept, including a diary of your recovery progress if possible.


A full record of any expenses incurred as a result of your accident should be made. This includes; loss of earnings (if unable to work due to recovering from injuries), private rehabilitation and treatment, cost of medication and any travel associated with medical appointments, related to the accident. Payslips, receipts and invoices should be kept in a safe place with details of all journeys including the date, purpose and mileage.

It’s important to remember that this is a guide and that your solicitor or case handler may require different or additional information and evidence in order to process your claim. Please seek professional advice to make sure you have everything you need or it could potentially harm your claim.

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