Motorcycle safety equipment and industry developments

Motorcycle safety equipment and industry developments


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According to a study by THINK! Road Safety, the number of motorcyclists who are seriously injured as a result of a road traffic accident is on the decline. Statistics show 5,556 motorcyclists were seriously injured in 2008, in comparison to 4,866 motorcycle users in 2013, although these figures are still far too high.

It is of course difficult to pinpoint any one specific reason for the decline, but we like to think evolving digital and automotive technology including new road safety innovations (among many other factors) plays some part in keeping bikers a bit safer on the roads. We’ve come a long way since the invention of the crash helmet in 1914 and in the last decade alone there have been hundreds of new safety innovations in the automotive industry…

Helite TT Airvest is an air-filled vest with a shock resistant outer material which acts like a turtle shell – resulting in a resistance to puncture and full dispersion across the airbag surface. The vest is worn over a motorcyclist’s clothing, so that in the event of an accident, the inflated jacket will absorb the impact and reduce the risk of injury while the outer shell protects against small, sharp, protruding objects and parts of the motorcycle.

“These airbags vests will save lives and become part of our everyday kit over the next few years.” Bike Buyers Guide

California-based company, BrakeFree Technologies have introduced a new wireless LED light, which fixes to the back of a motorcyclist’s helmet and uses sensors to detect every time you slow down as a result of engine braking, gear changes or applying the brakes. As motorcycle tail lights are below wind-screen level, a light on the back of a helmet means riders can be seen braking by not just the car behind them, but multiple cars behind that car too. It’s still early days for the innovation… BrakeFree is currently crowdfunding for investment so it could be one to watch for the future!

And it’s not just visible injuries you have to consider as Mercury have created a range of filtered ear plugs to protect motorcyclists’ hearing – perfect for nosier roads. Filtered plugs offer the best protection for constant loud noise exposure by reducing noise by 27db, while speech and traffic can still be heard clearly.  You can get your hands on different versions, including ear pieces that hook up to Bluetooth and ones fitted with audio speakers – perfect for long rides on country roads.

Find out more about the plethora of other safety innovations here.

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