Motorcycle helmets – use your head!

Motorcycle helmets – use your head!


Posted by: Pete Horton, Sportsbikeshop

The brain is one of the human body’s most fragile organs, but shockingly, up to 400,000 motorcyclists are using crash helmets that need to be replaced.  Motorcycle helmets can offer good protection and are thought to reduce the risk of fatal head injury by around 50%, so choosing the right one is key. Sportsbikeshop’s Pete Horton offers his top three pointers on what to look out for when looking for a new lid….

“The most important thing to consider when choosing a helmet is that it fits correctly and isn’t too loose.”

General advice is to try on as many helmets as possible that are within your price range to make sure you get the best and most comfortable fit for you.  Helmets will give a little over time, but it’s absolutely paramount that it fits well from the start. There are lots of great online resources out there to help make sure you get the right fit.

“Check whether the helmet complies with ECE 22.05 (Regulation 22) of the European Safety Standards.”

Motorcycle helmets are designed, manufactured and tested to meet performance standards and in Europe, your helmet will need to comply with these standards in order to be road legal. On top of these, there are other independent tests a rider can look at to make sure they’re getting the best possible protection. Check out the SHARP helmet safety scheme, which has now tested and rated more than 400 helmets on the market. Most of the motorcycle magazines will do their own independent testing too.

Each helmet brand will have a number of models to choose from and generally speaking, the more expensive a helmet, the safer it will be perceived. But as the safest brands go, our own research highlights AGV as having the most 5-star-rated helmets.

“There’s lots of different helmet styles and materials to choose from and it’s all down to personal taste. However, some will offer more protection than others.” 

Your open-faced helmet might be more suited to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, but the reality is that a full-faced helmet offers more protection, particularly around the chin. Brighter coloured helmets will give you more visibility and there’s arguments for choosing a helmet with better ventilation or anti-fog visors too.

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