Chloe Ball-Hopkins Inclusive Fashion: Part 2

Chloe Ball-Hopkins Inclusive Fashion: Part 2


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In the second part of our exclusive interview, Chloe Ball-Hopkins tells all about her collaboration with ASOS and working to create wheelchair-friendly clothing!

How involved were you in the development of the jumpsuit?

When ASOS replied, they asked for a detailed idea of what I had in mind which is when I sat down and started to think how the waist needed to fit, what the lining needed to be like, how the pockets should be designed and other intricate details. I sent this back to ASOS who said they’d pull together a prototype and that I can come up and they’ll show it to me and see what I think.

When I got to ASOS, the head of outerwear sat down with me and said “right, what am I doing with this?” and literally gave me free range to say “OK well I think this should be like this, and this should be like that…” and then the final product is what people can see!

I’m so proud, and when they asked me to model it for the photos as well, that was something else again!

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Any plans to grow the collection together?

ASOS know I’ve got things in mind, as to whether they choose to develop them with me, I don’t know. I personally would like to see other products through, but how I do that I don’t know.

I’ve started to explore the opportunities that might be there, I think there’s definitely a market for this as there are so many other items of clothing that could be made more comfortable, not just for me. Like again, it would all be things that I could wear, my mum could wear, my best friend could wear, and the girl next door in a wheelchair could wear. It’s for anybody, not just for people who are disabled, it just happens to have people like myself in mind and is practical.

It’s about wearing clothing that’s comfortable but gives you confidence. If you feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, that’ll give you confidence.

I’m not saying it’s going to be perfect for everyone, there are going to be people with disabilities that it won’t suit but I’m just trying to open up a door to a market where there are more people who HAVE got clothes that suit them.

How would you describe your style?

I can’t say I’ve ever been the most fashionable person, I do go along with some of the trends but the trend is what I want it to be. I wanted the jumpsuit to be practical and fun.

My go to style is patterned trousers and a plain top. Very rarely will I be in a pair of jeans with a patterned top. Today I’m wearing a bright orange pair of patterned trousers and a black top. I love a good jumpsuit, one that’s easy to get on and off as they’re quite elegant, you don’t need to worry about the skirt flying out or having to tuck a top back in.

My go to outfit for events is a culotte jumpsuit and I’m not afraid to wear an outfit to more than one event; I don’t wear anything once and think I can’t wear it again.

Thanks so much Chloe! We look forward to seeing what’s in store for the future…

If you missed part one of Chloe’s interview on inclusive fashion, read it here.

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