How to choose personal injury lawyers

How to choose personal injury lawyers


Posted by: the personal injury help and advice team

Suffering a personal injury is a challenge in itself but attempting to find the right law firm can cause more strain. However, this may be a vital process to be sure your claim is fairly dealt with. Our personal injury help and advice team have put together a few things to consider when making a decision on personal injury lawyers, to ensure your claim is in safe hands.


Choose firms who specialise in personal injury with well-trained, experienced lawyers. To ensure high-quality legal advice and fair representation, researching will be essential. Find lawyers who are dedicated to specific fields, such as medical negligence or road traffic accidents, and look for examples of effective results to help you gauge the success of the firm; this could include recommendations, accreditations or recognised awards.


Understanding payment terms and conditions is essential when choosing personal injury lawyers. Some law firms may have small differences to others, which can make a big difference. Make sure you’re fully aware of how the funding for the case will work and any specific terms and conditions, so nothing comes as a surprise at the end of the case.


If personal injury lawyers have links to charities or support networks, this could indicate an assurance of high-quality, committed support. Knowing you will have access to specialist care, emotional or physical, as well as rehabilitation services during and after the claim indicates that the firm is both established and considerate.


Get in contact to book an initial meeting, before making a final decision. By doing so, you can discuss the case and any questions you may have. The firm may have some indication on the likelihood of success as well as the costs involved, two aspects which could strongly sway your decision.

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